Ascom Myco 3 smartphone gets certification from MEDITECH for the Expanse Point of Care EHR Solution

Ascom announced that EHR provider MEDITECH has certified the Ascom Myco 3 smartphone with its Expanse Point of Care solution. Nurses, therapists, aides, and other clinicians can now complete most tasks on their handheld Ascom Myco 3 device – including receive alerts, document vitals and interventions, review records, and verify and administer medications using the smartphone’s built-in barcode scanner. Patients can also benefit from more quality caregiving time with their clinicians.

March 2, 2020

MEDITECH joins an increasing roster of prominent EHR companies to certify the healthcare device on its platform to meet the communication needs of medical organizations today and tomorrow.

Pamela Crandall, senior marketing solution manager at MEDITECH, says: “The Ascom Myco 3 device gives our customers another powerful option for accessing our Expanse Point of Care and wireless phlebotomy solutions through Dryrain's Enterprise browser. Nurses appreciate the mobility of using smartphone devices and the additional facetime it gives them with patients.” 

Phlebotomists can also use the Ascom Myco 3 to access MEDITECH’s phlebotomy handheld solution to access a real-time list of specimens awaiting collection and print labels at the patient’s bedside. In addition, phlebotomists can use the barcode scanner to verify patient identification prior to specimen draw. 

Francis Schmeer, Ascom Chief Sales Officer, underlines: “We are delighted to partner with MEDITECH, a leading vendor and founder of the EHR market. The Ascom Myco 3, sold globally and in trials in many leading hospitals, is showing great results across the care continuum. Our aim with this smartphone designed for healthcare professionals is to provide mobility with confidence and improve clinician workflows at the point of care.” 

For more information on the Ascom Myco 3 smartphone, visit the website here.  

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