Ward Controllers

Ascom is committed to your investment in our solutions by intentionally designing a migration path from existing systems to new technology.  The teleCARE IP Ward Controller (NIWC) is used to adapt existing teleCARE M installations to the teleCARE IP system. It replaces the teleCARE M intelligent address module (IAM) and allows the existing teleCARE M room buses and the associated peripheral devices to be fully integrated in the teleCARE IP system..


Support for legacy Ascom teleCARE system migrations

Fast facts

  • Replaces the teleCARE M IAM allowing existing installations to integrate with a teleCARE IP system
  • Up to 10 connections for teleCARE M room buses with compatible room bus connectors
  • Fully compatible with all existing teleCARE M room peripheral devices
  • Short circuit protected outputs and reverse polarity input power protection
  • Ethernet compatible interface between teleCARE M and teleCARE IP


  • Enables use of existing peripheral devices for cost effective migration of legacy teleCARE systems to teleCARE IP
  • Enables enhanced teleCARE IP functionality to get more value from your Ascom investment
  • Utilitzes the same installation specifications for easy replacement of legacy IAM. 
  • Compatible with teleCARE SC and teleCARE M systems
  • Optional voice module to enable speech communiction