Ascom Myco 3 Smartphone

Bringing together critical information across systems and teams for better-coordinated and responsive action

The Ascom Myco 3 smartphone works with supported apps to bridge digital information gaps—making it easier to communicate, coordinate and execute time-sensitive activities. A professional-grade Android™ mobile device, the Ascom Myco 3 helps streamline workflows, support faster responses and deliver context-rich information to mobile personnel. With its HD 5” touchscreen, the Ascom Myco 3 offers an easy user interface for managing calls, alerts, photos, messages, scores, waveforms and other critical information. A true hot-swap battery helps ensure constant operation throughout long shifts. And its Android 8.1 OS and Google™ certifications give access to the world’s largest ecosystem of apps. 

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Ascom Myco 3 validated by Google as an Android Enterprise Recommended ruggedized device. The best of both worlds: the reliability of DECT, the apps
and services of Wi-Fi.

Ascom Myco3 mobile device healthcare nurse

Supported by apps and software, Myco 3 delivers actionable clinical insights for better-informed and coordinated care.

Ascom Myco3 mobile device enterprise

Myco 3 helps provide a hands-on productivity boost and
customer satisfaction.

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