Ascom teleCARE IP Emergency Call System

Empowering residents and enabling caregivers with a higher level of intelligence.

As the 21st century senior living world challenges administrators to transform business and care delivery models, senior living communities must walk a fine line between required vigilance and resident independence. With today’s broader campuses, more active seniors and specialized levels of care, staff must respond to emergencies and requests wherever the resident may be, while keeping track of individuals in a way that is minimally intrusive.

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Related Information


  • Ascom provides a scalable system to ensure the safety of active seniors enjoying a high quality of life.

    Empowering Residents: Freedom & Safety

    Only Ascom’s teleCARE IP integrates end to end messaging, emergency call and wander management in a single platform.

    • Residents at all levels of need can be assured of fast and appropriate response to requests and events, and mobile seniors can maintain an active lifestyle.
    • All incoming resident calls appear as text messages on the caregiver’s wireless device to ensure privacy.
    • Ascom’s resident monitoring system provides active or passive check-in options along with resident profiles to enable personalized care responses.

    Wander Management

    Mr. Jefferson needs a system to protect him from elopement with possible dangerous consequences. His Ascom teleCARE wristband is his discreet partner, enabling him to move about in the safe environment of the building, but alerting his caregiver should he attempt to leave.

    Wireless Communication

    Mr. Jefferson is outside on the balcony when he feels lightheaded. He presses a button on his Ascom wristband to call for help. Thanks to Ascom’s wireless coverage, caregiver Tina receives that alert and organizes a response.


    Caregivers Know When & Where to Provide Care

    Integrated Ascom wireless technologies provide caregivers with information any time and anywhere allowing them to focus on current activities.

    • Caregivers know when residents require assistance and where to provide it, indoors or on campus.
    • Resident calls are quickly routed to their caregiver and automatically escalated.
    • Resident profiles can be customized ensuring the right level of attention is associated with an alert.

    Task Escalation

    As Tina goes about her duties, she can be confident that should she be unable to address an alert, the teleCARE system will automatically inform a colleague about the event, assuring a call is delivered.


    Advancing Care with Integrated Technologies

    Only Ascom’s teleCARE IP integrates end to end messaging, emergency call and wander management in a single platform.

    • Ascom teleCARE IP provides supervised communications with advanced technologies, ensuring every call is delivered.
    • Active monitoring solution enhances resident security and safety.
    • Industry-leading wander management delivers immediate alerts of attempted resident elopements.
    • Event activity is automatically documented, resulting in customizable reports and audit trails.
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  • TeleCARE IP Specifications

    The specification template is designed to assist architects and engineers in creating requests for proposals.  

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