Protect Your Investment, Get Support, Training & Installation.
Protect Your Investment, Get Support, Training & Installation.

Ascom Professional Services

To ensure the best solutions for our clients, our Professional Services teams consult and advise on how to improve clinical or industrial workflows. Our experts can address your concerns, ranging from integration with existing infrastructure and systems, to emergency assistance and on-site support. Whatever your challenge, Ascom has a comprehensive, global service portfolio that covers everything from site assessment to training to tailored preventive maintenance agreements. After the implemenation of an Ascom solution you can always count on us being there for you. Ascom services: the best way to maximize your Ascom solution.  

  • Technical Training

    Technical Training

    Train personnel, refresh staff and keep your staff up to speed with the latest upgrades and technical advances.
  • Software & Clinical Consulting

    Software & Clinical Consulting

    Harness our expertise to devise and/or optimize your organization’s communications system. Ascom experts can help at any stage of a project, for site surveys, project management or clinical consulting.
  • Planning & Implementation

    Planning & Implementation

    Installing a communication system to support mission critical operations requires professional leadership. Put your worries of timelines, impact and hidden cost to rest by engaging Ascom’s certified professionals to manage the Ascom project lifecycle.
  • Product Protection Plans

    Product Protection Plans

    As your organization changes, you can switch between various levels of after-sales support available in our solution lifecycle plans. The result? Predictable costs and service coverage best suited to evolving needs.