A great long-term care smartphone for great long-term care apps

The Ascom Myco 3 smartphone is already hard at work in care homes, retirement communities and other facilities around the world.
So you know it’s a proven, trusted platform for long-term care specific apps. And for just about any other nurse call and alert management solution.


The smarter smartphone for smarter long-term care

  • Supports healthcare- and long-term care specific apps
  • Connects people, devices, alerts, processes, an all-in-one device: personal alerts, barcode scanner, telephony, apps, cameras, etc.The reliability of DECT combined with the ease-of-use of Wi-Fi
  • Easy integration with nurse call, wander management and other systems
  • Works with powerful Ascom Unite communications and integration software 

How the Myco 3 smartphone can improve safety, dignity and efficiency in long-term care

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Ascom Myco™ 3 Enabling personalized, discreet elderly care

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From fragmented data to smooth workflows

Get a quick overview of how the Ascom Myco 3 smartphone connects mobile users with residents, patients, colleagues, devices and systems.


Other solutions


Other solutions