Ascom Industry solutions

Industry 4.0 is a true revolution. Previously separate industrial systems and processes are now being merged into integrated wholes; tied together by AI and the Internet of Things. At the same time, communication and workflow solutions for industry must still deliver traditional core functions: technical and process alerts to mobile technicians, safe communication in hazardous environments, robust safety systems for lone and vulnerable workers. Ascom is one of the world's leading developers of wireless on-site communication systems for industry, with systems deployed wherever reliability and safety can be compromised. 


Help ensure better equipment uptime. Enhance personal safety with location and lone worker alar systems. Improve logistics and environmental protection. Re-use as much existing infrastructure as possible. Ascom solutions for industry: turning communications systems into powerful business tools.

The Ascom Enterprise Platform

The Ascom Enterprise Platform is a uniquely complete communications and workflow portfolio for industry, retail, hospitality and secure establishments. Used and trusted by companies worldwide, the Ascom Enterprise Platform integrates with virtually any telephony, alarm, IT and process management system. The platform includes enterprise-grade hardware, software, mobile devices (including ATEX-certified phones), and tailored after-sales support and service. 


Customer story - Wernsing Feinkost, Germany

The Wernsing Feinkost foodstuff storage and distribution hub in Germany is a sprawling, busy facility. Delivery trucks come and go. Workers are often alone, sometimes in refrigerated warehouses with temperatures of -25°C (-13°). So when the company wanted to install a new on-site communication and personal safety alarm system, they naturally turned to Ascom.