Dependable Mobility, Enhanced Safety
Dependable Mobility, Enhanced Safety

Ascom Solutions for Manufacturing

Help ensure better equipment uptime. Enhance personnel safety. Improve logistics and environmental protection. Re-use as much existing infrastructure as possible. Ascom solutions for industry: turning communications systems into powerful business tools.


  • Technical Alarms

    Technical Alarms

    Mission-critical information—fast and direct to the people best able to respond. That’s the essence of an Ascom equipment uptime solution. Your mobile staff are always connected to key data; always aware of the latest status of production flows, deliveries, equipment performance, safety indicators, colleagues’ locations and so on. Ascom solutions: make more with the resources you already have.
  • Worker Safety

    Worker Safety

    A worker falls unconscious before having a chance to send an alarm. Another needs a handset that can handle -25°C, day in day out. Yet another is a highly mobile lone worker in a large, physically complex building. Ascom has for decades been protecting workers just like this: integrating advanced personal alarm functionalities with telephony, messaging and monitoring systems.