A Flexible Schedule Helps Balance Work and Life

A hybrid work environment can be the best of both worlds and if you’re like Nicole Strang, Account Manager, at Ascom you’ll enjoy the flexibility of this type of schedule, too.  Strang admits that working from home allows her to control her environment and to really concentrate on the demanding tasks that require more of her focus. She also likes going into the office and performing those tasks too and she appreciates the flexibility that helps balance her work and life.

Throughout her career at Ascom Strang has had opportunities to grow professionally with continuing education and internal training.

Ironically, Strang had never heard of Ascom before joining the company and considers herself fortunate, “It makes me very proud to talk about what I do at Ascom. A lot of people don’t know about Ascom, so you kind of have to explain what we do and the people that we help, and it's very satisfying”, says Strang.

She now tells people, “I would definitely encourage people to apply for a job at Ascom. There's great growth potential. It's an exciting industry. It's challenging, it's fun, and what we do improves people's lives”.

Staying motivated is never a problem for Strang who has not only found the perfect balance between work and life but also thinks, “The greatest thing that I get out of working at Ascom is a sense of helping people”.

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