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Advanced nurse call, clinical consulting and clinical communication and collaboration solutions for hospitals and acute care facilities.
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Workplace safety, operational efficiency and situational awareness solutions for any enterprise environment – from industry and high-security facilities to retail and hospitality.
A uniquely broad range of solutions to help ensure safety, dignity and privacy for residents and long-term care patients. And a calm, coordinated and efficient workplace for mobile carers.
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February 12, 2024
“Workplace safety isn’t just a legal responsibility; it’s a moral commitment” That is the heartfelt opinion of Lloyd Spindler, Global Segment Manager at Ascom, the global communications and workflow solutions provider. “It's crucial for the well-being of employees, visitors, and the reputation of any organization.” Statistics related to workplace safety are nothing short of startling. 
January 19, 2024
Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LRBaar (Switzerland), 19 January 2024
December 7, 2023
The German health holding company Lüneburg has commissioned Ascom to expand the IP DECT and Unite server infrastructure in its hospitals. The project has a volume of more than EUR 1.5 million.
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