Newchem enhances efficiency and safety in pharmaceutical manufacturing with Ascom's Enterprise solutions

Newchem, a leading producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients, has successfully improved internal communication and optimized alarm management in its production plants with the help of Ascom's Enterprise solutions. By implementing DECT devices and a new generation of enterprise alarm and workflow management software, Newchem has achieved enhanced operational efficiency, rapid response to events, and improved workplace safety in its critical production environments.

Challenges in critical production environments
With a focus on compliance with regulations and safety standards, Newchem operates in highly critical ATEX production environments, where strict protection measures are required for communication devices used by staff. The company recognized the need for advanced systems that not only ensure operational efficiency but also enable rapid response to issues in production departments.

Choosing Ascom's Enterprise solutions
As long-time users of Ascom's technologies, Newchem decided to replace its existing infrastructure with the latest versions and adopt additional solutions from Ascom Enterprise solutions product range. They chose the rugged DECT devices, which were deployed to equip 150 operators in the largest production plant in Verona. Newchem also sought greater flexibility in managing and sending alarms, leading Newchem to identify Ascom's software as the perfect solution.

Improved communication and alarm management
Through seamless integration software and DECT devices, Newchem ensures that each employee is promptly notified of the type and severity of problems, such as production equipment breakdowns or fire/explosion risks. This enables the resolution of critical issues in a faster and more effective manner. The direct contact enabled by the current equipment has significantly improved communication not only between departments but also between employees and management, facilitating instant collaboration and availability.

In ATEX environments like ours, the very fact of being able to 'prevent' critical events and accidents, and to promptly notify the operator who is carrying out the processing or the maintenance worker, brings a significant benefit. The Ascom solution allows a level of direct contact that previously could not be supported by the landlines we had in the factory.
Luca Fornale
Automation Manager, Newchem

Precise alarm management and autonomy
Flexible and customizable software configuration features have empowered Newchem to manage and categorize alarms according to specific requirements. This autonomy enables users to create, modify, and add items to emergency groups without the need for expert intervention. Distinctions between different types of alarms have been made, providing a higher level of precision, and precise group/user associations have been established for more efficient alarm handling.

Improved safety and strategic alarm analysis
Newchem has leveraged the versatility of the software to connect control systems with a range of fire safety units within the plant, regardless of their type or brand. This has significantly enhanced safety for both the workplace and staff. The ability of the software to predict and strategically act on alarms has added considerable value for Newchem. The platform displays individual events in an intuitive graphical mode, enabling thorough analysis and investigation.

Future expansion and continuous support
Impressed by the technical quality and performance of Ascom's solutions, Newchem plans to expand the adoption of Ascom's Enterprise solutions to its San Martino plant. The company is confident in Ascom's constant support, which has been instrumental in the design, implementation, and post-sales phases.

Through Ascom's communication solutions, Newchem has achieved remarkable improvements in efficiency, safety, and collaboration in its critical production environments. The integration of DECT devices and the software platform has enabled rapid response to events, precise alarm management, and valuable insights for proactive decision-making. Ascom continues to be a trusted partner for Newchem, ensuring ongoing support and successful implementation of its communication infrastructure.

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