Lone Worker Safety: Devices, alarms, wearables and solutions

Ascom’s Lone Worker Safety solution delivers a safer workplace, as well as reassuring managers that they are fulfilling their legal obligations and minimizing the consequences and costs to staff and the organization.

Protecting those working alone

Many organizations have staff who work alone in potentially hazardous environments, putting them at risk from accident, illness and even death. Minimizing these risks and maximizing workplace safety helps protect individuals, while also making staff feel more secure and confident in their job.

There are over 2,8 million non-fatal injuries and illnesses in private industry and over 5,000 fatal work-related injuries every year, with millions of workers also suffering from accidents and exposure to hazardous substances1. Faced with these risks, staff want to know that their safety is taken seriously, and that help is never far away thanks to reliable personal safety devices and quick emergency responses.

It is also important to lower the risk and costs to the organization of these incidents. Costly and time-consuming consequences include downtime, extra staff cover, incident investigation, recruiting and training new staff, damage to your organization’s reputation, and even fines and the risk of imprisonment from not meeting legal obligations to protect workers.

When lone staff are in danger, they need to be able to raise an alarm that can quickly notify responders to come to their location. Also, if they are incapacitated, they need the alarm to be raised automatically through man-down/no-movement sensors or through setting a timer countdown. Having these measures in place will reassure workers that their safety is taken seriously and give them the feeling that help is never far away – even if the worst happens.

There were 5,190 fatal work injuries recorded in the United States in 2021, an 8.9-percent increase from 4,764 in 2020
— U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Lone Worker Safety solution

Ascom provides a true single-supplier solution for lone worker safety. The solution is based on mobile devices with in-built staff safety features such as automatic man-down, no-movement and countdown alarms, panic buttons, real-time location technologies, alarm dashboards, incident mapping and mobile response workflows. With the goal to support lone workers and ensure responders can react to an emergency as quickly and effectively as possible.

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