Alarming statistics and the dangers for lone workers

The facts don’t paint a pretty picture. The world of the workplace is full of alarming statistics and startling realities, organizations are facing new challenges every day.

A recent study found that 23 percent of people have experienced workplace violence or harassment. Globally, over two million people lose their lives annually due to work-related accidents. As if that wasn’t enough, 300 million non-fatal occupational accidents occur each year.

More lone workers, more dangers
What's even more concerning is the rise and rise of lone workers within organizations. As businesses streamline processes to reduce costs, they increasingly rely on these solitary employees, who inherently face greater risks.

For instance, did you know that many people don't know how to react in an accident? They freeze. According to John Leach, an expert in human cognition and emergency psychology, about 80 percent of people become bewildered, confused and largely ineffective. 10 percent will even be hysterical. Only 10 percent remain composed and act rationally. 

For lone workers, this translates to a higher risk of injury or worse. The importance of having mobile response workflows in place becomes clear. It's about giving people the confidence they need in such critical moments.

Safety as an ecosystem
Imagine a scenario where, in the past, a colleague would only realize something was wrong when they happened to glance over. With panic buttons and automatic alarms, help is no longer a matter of chance, you can react and get help in seconds.

However, workplace safety isn't just about reacting to issues; it's about upgrading daily processes, recognizing connections between activities, and viewing safety as an ecosystem.

Ascom recently introduced the Myco™ 4 to address these challenges. The Ascom Myco™ 4 is a rugged, enterprise-grade smartphone that helps to consolidate devices and improves operational efficiency. It helps staff to feel more secure with the latest in personal alarm functionality and ensures mission-critical communication and collaboration where the right information is in the right hands at the right time.

Lone workers are not alone
Ascom is a world leader in workplace safety, with a 50-year track record. For Lloyd Spindler, Global Segment Manager at Ascom it’s more than just a business: “Workplace safety is not just a legal responsibility but a moral commitment”.

The company offers comprehensive solutions for lone workers that include mobile devices equipped with safety features like automatic alarms, panic buttons, real-time location tracking, incident mapping, and mobile response workflows. The result? Improved safety and workflow efficiency.

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