Communication and collaboration solutions

Use an Ascom expert to remove bottlenecks in workflow communications. Upgrade alarm systems without ripping out existing infrastructure. Liberate data and put it in the hands of mobile employees. Whatever you need from your on-site communications system, we can craft a solution that’s a perfect fit for your organization. And thanks to our customer support program, we make sure it stays that way. Ascom solutions. Used and trusted by organizations worldwide.

Hospitals and acute care
Advanced nurse call, clinical consulting and clinical communication and collaboration solutions for hospitals and acute care facilities.
Workplace and staff safety Care coordination Response teams management Smart nurse call systems Clinical monitoring and alarm management Silent medical alarms Clinical decision support system
On-site mobile communications, personal alarm and workplace safety solutions for any enterprise environment – from industry to high-security facilities, retail to hospitality.
Smartphones for enterprise apps Enterprise voice communication and collaboration Alerting and messaging orchestration for mobile staff Personal alarms for vulnerable and lone workers
Long-term care
A uniquely broad range of solutions to help ensure safety, dignity and privacy for residents and long-term care patients. And a calm, coordinated and efficient workplace for mobile carers.
Smartphones for long-term care apps Alert management system Resident Response and Nurse Call System Wander management and personalized monitoring system

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