Staff Safety in healthcare

The Ascom Healthcare Platform solution helps staff quickly raise the alarm and respond to incidents. Making them feel safer at work while minimizing the risk, consequences and costs of workplace violence to both staff and your organization.

Taking care of the carers

Workplace violence in healthcare settings is a serious concern for both staff and employers alike. Staff need protection and support to reduce the risk of attack and feel more secure.

Healthcare providers have a duty to minimize risks to staff and maximize their safety. They also need to protect themselves and their budgets from the consequence costs of workplace violence. For example, The World Health Organization states that up to 63% of health workers have experienced some kind of workplace violence (1). A US Bureau of Labor Statistics study indicates that health and social care workers are five times as likely to suffer a workplace violence injury than workers overall (2).

Around 75% of the nearly 25,000 US workplace assaults reported annually occurred in healthcare and social services settings.
— US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) (3)

Staff Safety solution

When hospital workers are attacked or feel threatened, they can raise an alarm that quickly and automatically notifies responders to come to their location. This response system either stops an attack or prevents it from happening in the first place, giving at-risk hospital staff the confidence that help is never far away.

The Staff Safety solution within the Ascom Healthcare Platform is based on mobile devices with built-in staff safety features such as panic buttons, real-time location technologies, alarm dashboards, incident mapping, and mobile response workflows. These features ensure responders can react to a staff attack situation as quickly as possible.

Staff Safety solution - Personal alarm due to intoxicated/aggressive patient

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