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The best clinical minds. To help you build the best clinical workflows

New technical solutions can be scary. Especially in healthcare, where the stakes are so high. Which is why we have our Clinical Consulting teams: Registered Nurses and clinical IT experts who are there to ensure your patients, your staff, your care goals remain central in any communications solution. Ascom Clinical Consulting: because it takes a clinician to understand a clinician’s work.

See Ascom Clinical Consultants and their partners plan solutions at the new Tyks Lighthouse Hospital in Turku, Finland.

Where and how it works

Keep care first: always

Helps ensure technical solutions are fully aligned with your care and clinical needs

See improvement opportunities

Gives an overview of care workflows, and sees where things can be improved

Minimize risk in the future

Keeps care, patient satisfaction and staff remain center stage in the future

It’s all about people. Everything else is high technology.

It takes somebody special to truly understand nurses’ work—which is why you’ll find more than 20 RNs at Ascom. They’re a unique team, using their expertise to solve healthcare communication and workflow challenges worldwide. With backgrounds in areas as diverse as oncology, ER, neonatal ICU and cardiology, Ascom RNs know the daily realities facing frontline clinicians in hospitals, and long-term and psychiatric care facilities. They know what works. What doesn’t. And how technology is best deployed in healthcare environments. 

Clinical consulting services offered by Ascom have been an invaluable part of the planning and implementation of our communication systems...without a background in nursing, it is difficult to understand the hospital routines and the requirements of nursing work.
Annika Lindblom
Hospital Planner at Turku University Hospital
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Turku Lighthouse Hospital 
customer ref story
Turku Lighthouse Hospital
customer ref story
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Clinical consulting brochure
Clinical consulting brochure
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