Ascom Telligence

Keeping care close at hand.

Ascom Telligence® Nurse Call System

The complete patient-staff communication solution

Ascom Telligence is a scalable clinical workflow and communications management solution that easily configures to department-specific needs throughout your healthcare organization. Ascom’s integrated network of staff and patient-room devices ensures that the right information is delivered to the right caregiver at the right time for appropriate response when and where needed. 

The comprehensive Telligence platform connects patients and caregivers for efficient, effective care. Designed with the busy caregiver in mind, Telligence simplifies workflows, optimizing time spent on mission-critical functions and reducing pressures in the care environment. 


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Related Information


  • Alert the right caregiver at the right time

    Telligence supports both centralized and decentralized care models, ensuring patient calls are rapidly delivered to the appropriate caregiver, regardless of location. Integration with wireless devices ensures that caregivers always are easily within reach.


    Enable clinical workflows from the patient bedside

    Flexibility and configurability are two important criteria that enable the Telligence Nurse Call System to support a more streamlined communication model. This ensures that calls and alerts are delivered to the right level of staff in a timely fashion. 

    Ascom enables workflow solutions for the way your hospital wants to work. Whether nurse call events and patient requests are handled in a centralized or de-centralized manner, Ascom Telligence offers truly innovative workflow features.

    • Upgrade patient calls to a higher priority on the fly
    • Create detailed service tasks to communicate specific patient requests
    • Initiate automate rounding reminders with the touch of a button
    • Streamline admission, discharge and transfer processes at the point of care

    Telligence ensures messages are rapidly delivered to the appropriate caregiver or deparatment, regardless of location. 


    Quality focus

    Designed under controls compliant to US FDA quality system regulations, Ascom's Telligence Nurse Call Communications System complies with UL Standard for Safety for Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment, UL 1069.  Every component of the Telligence solution, including accessories, cords and plugs, is specially constructed to perform safely in the patient-care environment.

    A single, integrated platform only from Ascom

    By combining Telligence Nurse Call with Ascom Unite software and our global mobility solutions, enhanced capabilities can be extended to your mobile workforce to increase staff communication and collaboration even more.

    Ascom Unite seamlessly links mission-critical systems with mobile communications. It delivers intelligent integration, advanced messaging, and system management in one unique, powerful package.

    In addition, Telligence supports easy integration with other healthcare technology such as medical equipment with approved nurse call interfaces, ADT systems, smart beds and real-time location systems. With Ascom technology, efficient, patient-centered care has never been easier.






    Customer perspective: Telligence allows our nurses to provide the best care

    Ascom is the first and only company to offer complete nurse call, messaging software and mobile wireless communication solutions, all from a single manufacturer.  This enables seamless interoperability. end-to-end functionality and ease of use while reducing the time and effort involved in assessing and ensuring compatibility of disparate vendor systems. See what our customers have to say...

  • telligence-nurse-call-brochure-01011-02-enx.pdf

    Telligence Nurse Communication System Brochure

    Ascom Telligence, the complete patient-staff communication system
    01113-01 ENX Telligence Workflow Solutions Brochure

    Ascom Telligence Workflow Solutions Brochure

    Telligence is designed to help staff be more productive, enhance patient safety and satisfaction and improve compliance with care protocols.
  • Telligence Specifications

    The specification template is designed to assist healthcare organizations seeking to create requests for proposals. The comprehensive document outlines specific details about IP-based nurse call systems from system and product perspectives.

    Telligence 4.0 C300 System Template ›

    Telligence 4.0 C600 System Template ›

    Telligence 2D CAD Files ›

    Telligence 3D Revit Files ›

    Equipment Planners and Consultants who would like to request a Telligence Planning Guide or learn more about Ascom solutions please contact Sandy Lange, Corporate Accounts Manager at 317-670-1879.