Overcoming The Communication Challenge.
Overcoming The Communication Challenge.

Ascom Solutions For Hospitals

The figures are staggering: poor communication costs hospitals $12bn a year in the US alone, equal to about 2% of global hospital revenue.1 And merely coordinating and organizing care eats up one-fifth of each nurse’s shift.2 But there is good news. Ascom already offers solutions that can dramatically improve communication and collaboration within hospitals—solutions that can help enhance patient safety, staff satisfaction and clinical workflows. Ascom: working hard for hospitals. 

1. ECRI Institute (2014)     2. Darbyshire, Julie L., Young, J. Duncan, (2013)


  • Mobile Workflow

    Mobile Workflow

    Nurses and other hospital staffers need access to up-to-date patient and treatment data. Ascom solutions make data flow secure and easy.
  • Noise Reduction

    Noise Reduction

    How can a hospital distribute alerts from monitors and life-support systems to mobile staff, while simultaneously minimizing noise pollution and the risk of alarm fatigue?
  • Location Services

    Location Services

    RTLS tell you where help is needed: whether it’s an assault on staff, mislaid equipment, or wandering patient. That means less time spent searching, more productive use of assets, and of course, safer patients.
  • Staff Security

    Staff Security

    Workplace violence against nurses and other frontline caregivers is a growing and global problem. How can we better protect healthcare workers?