Do you want a job—or do you want to make a difference?
Do you want a job—or do you want to make a difference?

Doing more than you ever dreamt possible

You’ve probably already benefitted from an Ascom solution without realizing it.

That’s because Ascom solutions work behind the scenes; enabling and directing clinical alarm notifications at hospitals; supporting mobile personal alarm systems in factories and industrial units; keeping people and processes safe and productive in shops, hotels and care facilities around the world.

In fact, name a sector that’s critical to modern living, and there’s a good chance Ascom solutions are deployed.

This of course means that working at Ascom is a serious thing. And why we insist on hiring the very best—and once we have them, of doing the best we can to retain and nurture them.

But enough about us. What can a career at Ascom do for you? Well, you’ll be part of a stimulating and diverse environment. You’ll meet and work with colleagues from every part of the globe. You’ll work with exciting, fast-moving technologies and solutions. And you’ll have the satisfaction that comes from using your skills to address some of society’s key challenges.

Which brings us to the heart of the matter. If you think you belong to the best, perhaps you might want to consider joining us? Click on vacant positions to see what’s available, or check your local Ascom website for more information.

PS: Ascom has a strong track record of supporting post-graduate STEM students. Contact your local Ascom office to learn about any available internships and/or positions for doctoral candidates.

We are Ascom - Meet some of our colleagues around the world

The Ascom Way

Thinking of applying for a position at Ascom? Or want to know more about us and what we stand for? Then we recommend you first read The Ascom Way. It’s a short document that sets and describes out our six core values, and gives you an idea of what is expected of each and every Ascom employee. 

Career Start

Ascom offers an ideal start to a professional career!

At Ascom, young people on the first steps of the career ladder are encouraged to hone their skills and capabilities in line with business requirements, to help them successfully tackle future tasks and challenges.

Practical Internship & Dissertations

Depending on the internal demand Ascom offers possibilities for practical internships or dissertations. We are looking forward receiving your application!

Check the Jobs-listings or the local Ascom page for current possibilites.

Positions Available

Click here for a list of available positions. You should also check the local Ascom websites of different regions and countries. Ascom is an equal opportunities employer.