Teamwork. Less work, more team.
Teamwork. Less work, more team.

Patient Care Share—Ascom staff communication and collaboration solutions

Healthcare is the ultimate team activity. But to work, each team member—from lab technicians to porters to nurses—needs access to up-to-date patient and treatment data. Ascom Patient Care Share solutions make data flow secure and easy, while building on the infrastructure you already have.

Hospitals all too often suffer from ‘communication silos’—separate units, people and technologies that have a hard time communicating with each other. The results can be delays and patient dissatisfaction. At their worst, these silos can threaten care quality and outcomes. 

Removing silos requires ‘data mobility’, where clinical and care information is as mobile as the people who use it. This in turn calls for integration software such as Ascom Unite, and for mobile handsets such as the Ascom Myco smartphone that let staff securely receive messages, alerts, and clinical data. 


Ascom Myco. Stays close to you, like a true companion should.


Solution Products



Solution Products


  • Mobile clinical data for mobile caregivers

    The specifics of an Ascom Patient Care Share solution vary from hospital to hospital. But they typically include Ascom Unite software and Ascom smartphones and/or mobile devices—all seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructures.

    Solutions can typically be integrated with existing or planned ADT/EHR systems, making it possible for care teams to easily collaborate. Functions to help protect staff are also possible. ‘Man-down’ and location functions, for instance, can be especially relevant in mental health and ER environments. An increasingly important part of many staff communication solutions is the ability to support the growing range of Healthcare-related third-party apps.  

    Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

    “We had a very strong list of requirements for the new system. It needed to have less points of failure than the current system. Therefore, it needed to be an in-house system that was completely in our control, be bulletproof and reduce our down time. We needed a mission-critical communication system.”

    Bryan Wolf

    Clinical Manager PICU Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

    Why nurses need more efficient communication tools

    • Time a nurse spends communicating

      Writing excluded [1]
    • Number of staff per patient

      Average during a four-day hospital stay [2]
    • Root cause of medication error

      Communication failure are no. 1 root cause [2]
    • Communication still non-digital

      Nurses still communicate mainly person-to-person [1]

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  • Solution architecture

    Ascom Patient Care Share solution, for staff collaboration and communication.
    Architecture description

    Each solution typically involves a combination of infrastructure, software—usually Ascom Unite software—and mobile devices such as the Android-based Ascom Myco smartphone. Each element is integrated into a solution that delivers smooth collaboration and communication between individual caregivers and care teams.


    Solution products

    The products shown below are only a part of Ascom’s total hardware and software offering. To see the complete product portfolio, click on ‘Products’ in the main menu. Contact your nearest Ascom office or representative to learn more about specific Ascom solutions, products and services. 

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  • How Ascom helped improve care in Philadelphia

    How Ascom helped improve care in Philadelphia

    The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is one of the world’s largest and most prominent children’s hospitals. As the first children’s hospital in the U.S., CHOP has a historical reputation for innovation and excellence. It’s commitment to use technology and processes to respond to family needs effectively led it to select Ascom for the hospital’s voice and messaging solution.

Other solutions

The availability, configuration and technical specifications of Ascom products, services and solutions may vary from country to country. Please ask your nearest Ascom representative for further details.