Shareholders FAQ
Shareholders FAQ

Shareholder FAQ

Where are Ascom shares listed?
Ascom shares are listed and traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

When were the Ascom shares (ASCN) traded for the first time?
The Ascom shares with the stock symbol ASCN were first publicly traded on 1 November 2000.

What is the security reference number, the ISIN code and the stock symbol of Ascom shares?
Ascom’s security reference number on SIX (Valorenummer) is 1133920, the ISIN code is CH0011339204 and the stock symbol is ASCN.

What are the ticker symbols of Bloomberg and Reuters?
The ticker symbol of Bloomberg is ASCN SW and the ticker symbol of Reuters is ASCN.S

What is the amount of registered shares?
Ascom has 36’000’000 registered shares.

What is the par value and the value of the share capital?
The par value of Ascom shares is CHF 0.50 per share and the share capital amounts to CHF 18 million

Which indices is Ascom part of?
Ascom is included in the broad Swiss SPI market index, SPI Extra, SPI ex SLI, Swiss All Share Index and UBS 100 Index.

When is the Annual General Meeting?
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in April each year. Please consult the Financial Calendar on our website for exact dates.

How can I get a copy of the annual or half-year report?
If you request a hard copy please contact us on A pdf version is available for download on our report and result section.

When does Ascom’s fiscal year end?
Ascom’s fiscal year is the 12-months ending December 31.

What is the ex-date?
The ex-date (ex-dividend date) is the date on which the Ascom shares (ASCN) are traded without a previously declared dividend. The ex-date follows closely to the Annual General Meeting in April.

At what time of the year does Ascom pay dividends?
Ascom pays out its dividends always once a year shortly after the Annual General Meeting in April.

What were the dividend payouts per share of Ascom in the last few years?
2020       0.00 CHF    
2019        0.45 CHF
2018        0.45 CHF
2017        0.80 CHF
2016        0.45 CHF
2015        0.45 CHF
2014        0.40 CHF
2013        0.35 CHF
2012        0.25 CHF
2011         0.25 CHF

What is the company’s head office and contact details?
Ascom Holding AG
Zugerstrasse 32
CH-6340 Baar, Switzerland
Phone:+41 41 544 78 00
Fax:+41 41 761 97 25

For further detailed information on the Ascom shares (ASCN) please visit the website of the Swiss Exchange.