Oxitone® is a leading wearable medical technology company.

Ascom integrates Oxitone’s wrist medical monitor

With the Integration of the Oxitone® 1000M wrist medical monitor into the Digistat® Wearables solution, the process of measuring, recording and sending vital signs is optimized. This is important to patient safety.1


Solution available in the following markets

  • Europe
  • Asia

The supported geographical markets indicated are based on the information available at the time of publication. Please contact Oxitone for specific availability in your country or reach out to your local Ascom contact for up-to-date information.

About Oxitone
Oxitone Medical is using wearable medical devices, continuous remote monitoring and personalized data analytics to empower proactive care of people with severe chronic conditions. Easily integrated into existing remote monitoring solutions, Oxitone’s improved continuous data sourcing provides means for prediction of patient complications, simplifying decision-making processes and inevitably saving patient lives. Oxitone's flagship device, the Oxitone 1000M pulse oximeter and medical monitor, is the industry's first FDA-cleared and CE certified medical device with unique elastic sensors placed around the wrist ulnar bone. Covered by 30 patents, it has proved to be one of the most accurate wearable medical technologies in the market.


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Loeb, Danielle F et al. “Primary care providers' experiences caring for complex patients in primary care: a qualitative study.” BMC family practice vol. 17 34. 22 Mar. 2016, doi:10.1186/s12875-016-0433-z



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