The Sensium® system is a discreet, wearable, wireless system for monitoring vital signs of patients.

Sensium® smart algorithms continuously process and analyse patient data, generating alarms notifications. Connected to the Ascom alarm notifications system, this integration helps alerting the right caregiver about a potential life threatening patient deterioration.

Supported Markets

The solutions are supported in a range of countries globally, please inquire your local TSC Connected Care representative or Ascom contact about availability in your specific country.

About TSC Connected Care (Sensium Healthcare Ltd)

The Surgical Company – Connected Care, formerly Sensium Healthcare Ltd is a digital healthcare division of Surgical Company Group. The Surgical Company is a collection of nine healthcare businesses with a shared goal of improving patient outcomes. The Group ventures include innovative med-tech development with a global customer footprint and European distribution businesses. The group is headquartered out of Amersfoort NL with a product portfolio containing six product lines: Broncoflex, Fluido, Fluido Irrigation, Mistral-Air, Sensium, and Thermoflect, spread across three production divisions: Patient Temperature Management, Connected Care and Endovision.  

TSC Connected Care is a UK med-tech company based just outside Oxford where we employ a team of highly specialised and skilled engineers and scientists. Originally a spin-out from Imperial college TSC Connected Care has been at the forefront of the research and development of remote patient monitoring and now have over 20 peer-reviewed publications validating the Sensium® system.  

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