Vulnerability of healthcare facilities: Ascom meets security challenges while ensuring residents’ comfort

The security obligations of health facilities include societal requirements not only with regard to terrorist threats but to increased security risks in the healthcare sector as well.

The Ascom solution facilitates responsiveness and day-to-day team coordination. The application platform intelligently manages technical alerts and nurse calls. Nurses receive real-time alarm notifications on their mobile devices. If the caregiver is not available, the system escalates to another caregiver. Everyone's work is thus optimized and the care management of each resident becomes more efficient.

Regarding the security dimension, the application platform also features an anti-intrusion component, known as an “anti-terrorist” alarm transmitter. Indeed, to meet the overall security effort of the Vigipirate plan, a device located at the Reception enables transmission of an alarm to all the facility’s telephones and quickly notifies the police. Every telephone in the facility is able to send such an alarm.

In the event of a nurse call or wandering, intervention is now much faster, thanks to the real-time information management.

In addition, to ensure the safety of residents and the facility, the Jeanne-Pierrette Carnot residence has set up an anti-wander solution. The Ascom application platform enables individualized configuration according to the medallion wearer's profile, in order to control access to rooms and dangerous places such as stairs, elevators and doors, as well as entrances and exits. 

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