Enables communication and coordination for mobile care teams.



The Ascom Myco smart device solutions: communication and coordination across voice, messaging, task assignment and more.

  • It seamlessly connects its users with colleagues, patients, labs, pharmacies, porters, cleaners, medical devices, patient monitors, and nurse call systems.

  • It merges data from these multiple sources. Then displays it as meaningful information—helping frontline staff make the best decisions while on the move.

  • It enables collaboration. It helps remove workflow bottlenecks. It sends what it has learned to back-end administrative and analytical systems. And just in case you were wondering, you can also use it as a phone.

It is the Ascom Myco 2. The control hub that looks like a smartphone.


Ascom Myco 2 – Features

Why nurses need more efficient communication tools

  • Time a nurse spends communicating

    Writing excluded [1]
  • Number of staff per patient

    Average during a four-day hospital stay [2]
  • Root cause of medication error

    Communication failure are no. 1 root cause [2]
  • Communication still non-digital

    Nurses still communicate mainly person-to-person [1]

Alarm hazards are hospitals’ number one technology health hazard.3


Nurses spend less than one fifth of their time on direct patient care.4


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Specific functions and features of the Ascom Myco 2 might require additional Ascom products to be installed. 
The availability, configuration and technical specifications of Ascom products, services and solutions may vary from country to country. Please ask your nearest Ascom representative for further details.