The story behind Ascom Myco

More time for every patient

The story behind the Ascom Myco is really quite simple. Frontline staff kept telling us they wanted tools that could give them more time with patients. And when we asked how this might be achieved, three key requirements emerged:

  • To have the ability to receive alerts and patient information directly on a personal handset.
  • To be able to complete tasks without interruptions—especially where it turns out a colleague has already responded.
  • To have a workplace where information comes to staff, not vice versa; a workplace where time spent retrieving information could instead be spent on patients.

Real life R&D

We then set to work, consulting ICT experts and hospital managers. But most of our time was spent on the frontline. We spent hundreds of hours ‘shadowing’ nurses and doctors, following their every step and experiencing their reality for ourselves. We learned a lot—and we put it all into the Ascom Myco.

The device combines several functions in one durable yet ergonomic handset. It is an Android-powered smartphone purpose-built for Healthcare. But it is also a control hub for the Ascom Healthcare Platform, letting users receive and process medical device alerts, nurse call requests, clinical data, task assignments, etc. It also supports a growing ecosystem of customized Healthcare apps. And now, with the second generation Ascom Myco 2, users have the option to access tens of thousands of apps via Google Play.  

The heroes of Healthcare

Frontline staff are the unsung heroes of Healthcare. They deserve our thanks—and the best tools technology can devise.With the Ascom Myco, mission-critical information is finally as mobile as the frontline staff who need it. Staff can now access, update, share, exchange and process information—all on one mobile device. It’s an amazing story of technical innovation. And an amazing example of how ICT can contribute to sustainable future for Healthcare.

Ascom Myco – trusted and relied upon by caregivers around the globe.

Behind the scenes – the development of Ascom Myco.


Specific functions and features of the Ascom Myco 2 might require additional Ascom products to be installed. 
The availability, configuration and technical specifications of Ascom products, services and solutions may vary from country to country. Please ask your nearest Ascom representative for further details.