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Ascom Myco 3 for Enterprise

The hands-on way to boost productivity and customer satisfaction

With the Ascom Myco 3, mobile workers can receive, send, share, augment and filter time-critical information in a wide range of formats and in near-real time: video, voice, text, graphs. Context-rich alerts go to designated recipients for acknowledgment, with automatic escalation to colleagues when necessary.

Mobile workers receive status updates on critical equipment and parameters on their Ascom Myco 3 screens. Mobile workers can also remotely control machines, pumps, lifts and other equipment, and can interact with technical and business systems while on the go.

For hotels, the Ascom Myco 3 and its supporting apps and software help streamline housekeeping and guest services. Supervisors can assign tasks to mobile personnel, and track response times. The Myco 3 can be integrated with all leading Building Management Systems and alarm solutions.

For the retail industry, there is a growing portfolio of solutions: vehicle arrival notification systems, Product Withdrawal Request management, 'Click-and-Collect' solutions, remote monitoring of critical data (e.g. freezer temperatures), and remote control of lifts, escalators, etc.  

See how Ascom Myco 3 and other Ascom solutions can empower your mobile workers, enhance customer satisfaction and streamline your workflows in retail


Built to work. And work. And work.

The Ascom Myco 3 combines the ease-of-use of an Android™ smartphone with the robustness and professional-grade features needed by highly mobile workers. The touchscreen is built of extra-tough Corning® Gorilla® 3 Glass. Inside there is a beefy octo-core 2 GHz processor, along with 4 GB RAM and 32 GB Flash memory. The Ascom Myco 3 features a true hot swappable battery. So there is no need to power down or exit operating apps when changing the battery.

Join the Industry 4.0 productivity revolution

The Ascom Myco 3 can help you reap the benefits of the ‘Industry 4.0’ revolution—the transformation of productivity made possible by advanced digital connectivity. As part of an Ascom solution, the Myco 3 can harvest data from multiple points in a facility. This data can then be analyzed to optimize decisions and preventive maintenance. The end result? Maximum equipment availability, performance and product quality, which combine to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).




Ascom Myco 3 Enterprise brochure

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Ascom Enterprise solutions brochure

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Ascom Myco 3 product sheet

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Ascom Myco 3 | Empower your mobile workforce

Empower your mobile workforce

  • Alerts go to designated recipients for acknowledgment
  • Mobile workers receive status checks on doors, fans, temperatures, etc.
  • Workers can remotely control machines, pumps, lifts, etc.
Ascom Myco 3 | Mobile device for more efficient workflows

Achieve more efficient workflows

  • Assign tasks and track progress while on the go
  • Reduce communication gaps between equipment, staff and customers
  • Speed up response times to customer and guest requests, and technical issues
Ascom Myco 3 | Mobile device for continous improvement

Enable continous improvement

  • Capture and store detailed logs for analysis and on-going improvements
  • Keep records for regulatory and compliance purposes

Multiple products from Ascom and third parties support the features and functions described. All Ascom solutions and products may not be available in specific countries. 

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