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Productivity, safety, customer satisfaction. 

Three key benefits from a single solutions portfolio

The Ascom Enterprise Platform is a uniquely complete communications and workflow portfolio for industry, retail, hospitality and secure establishments. Used and trusted by companies worldwide, the Ascom Enterprise Platform integrates with virtually any telephony, alarm, IT and process management system. The platform includes enterprise-grade hardware, software, mobile devices (including ATEX-certified phones), and tailored after-sales support and service.  


At work in the real world. See how the Ascom Enterprise Platform meets key enterprise challenges. 

Ascom Enterprise Platform | Used and trusted worldwide with over 20,000 installations
  • Used and trusted worldwide

    Number of Ascom enterprise installations

Three key benefits from a single solutions portfolio

Ascom Enterprise Platform | Improve productivity

Improve productivity

  • Bridge communication gaps between equipment and staff to reduce production losses and maximize equipment uptime and product quality
  • Enable pre-emptive actions and optimized response times
  • Assign tasks and track progr,ess while on the go
Ascom Enterprise Platform | Improve workplace safety

Improve workplace safety

  • Integrate mobile staff with personal safety and alarm systems
  • Enable enterprise-grade man-down and no-movement alarms
  • Deploy ruggedized and ATEX-compliant solutions in hazardous environments
Ascom Enterprise Platform | Increase customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction

  • Enable new customer/guest services and experiences (click-and collect, baggage tracking, etc.)
  • Advanced technical alerts to maximize customer/guest comfort (swift responses to technical issues with lifts, AC, heating, etc.)
  • Log staff movements and responses times to support ongoing improvements

Ascom awarded Global Company of the Year

Ascom’s commitment to addressing unmet customer needs, solid implementation of best practices, a distinct and innovative portfolio, tight customer focus, and strong brand recognition have helped it differentiate itself from the competition.”

Frost & Sullivan

On why it awarded Ascom its 2018 Global Company of the Year Award

Powering the Industry 4.0 Revolution

The Industry 4.0 Revolution refers to the transformation in productivity made possible by advanced digital connectivity. People, machines and processes can now interact with one another—with sensors and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) continuously collecting and analyzing data from multiple points in a facility in order to optimize decisions and trigger pre-emptive interventions.

The end result of all this data collection and analyses? Maximum equipment availability, performance, and product quality. These combine to help improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), a measure of the overall performance of a single piece of equipment or even of an entire factory. Ascom enterprise solutions help harvest the data needed to calculate and improve OEE. They can also funnel feedback to the MES, creating ‘virtuous circles’ to help your organization build knowledge bases of incidents and their resolutions.

Machines, human, devices, data, processes. The Ascom Enterprise Platform connects them to create smooth workflows.

At work in multiple sectors around the globe

From checkout lines to assembly lines, from warehouses to jailhouses: Ascom enterprise solutions are deployed wherever dependable on-site communications are a must. A key factor behind the reliability of Ascom enterprise systems is interoperability. As the Ascom Enterprise Platform contains all the components necessary for a complete solution, we ensure smooth integration from day one. No compatibility issues between mobile devices and software; no need to rip out existing infrastructure; no uncoordinated software updates. 

Ascom Enterprise Platform | Solutions for extractive and manufacturing industry

Extractive and manufacturing industry

Ascom Enterprise Platform | Solutions for secure environments and personal safety

Secure establishments and personal safety 

Ascom Enterprise Platform | Solutions for hospitality and tourism

Hospitality and tourism

Ascom Enterprise Platform | Solutions for retail and inventory management

Retail and inventory management

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Ascom Myco 3 smartphone for enterprise

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