The Ascom Healthcare Platform

Unlock the power of digital clinical information

Clinical care is increasingly complex. Clinicians need to have timely access to clinical information in order to act decisively, and to deliver responsive coordinated care, when and where needed.

Seamless flows of clinical information between care teams, devices and systems is critical. Yet all too often this information is dispersed or siloed, potentially delaying responses and compromising care. But there is a proven way to make clinical information available when and where it is needed.  The Ascom Healthcare Platform connects devices, systems, information and care teams, creating digital clinical information flow that turns fragmented data into accessible information to support clinicians across points of care: from the bedside, to intensive care units, to operating rooms and more.

  • Bridge digital information gaps by integrating medical devices and vital care information systems such as EHRs and EMRs
  • Extend the reach of actionable clinical insight to clinicians through orchestration software, analytics and task management 
  • Enable informed clinical care at the bedside and across points of care through mobility, patient response systems and care application solutions

The Ascom Healthcare Platform. Harnessing the power of digital clinical information to support care teams from the point of care to anywhere.

See how the Ascom Healthcare Platform delivers actionable clinical insight

Solve clinical information flow challenges that compromise care decisions and coordination

When information doesn’t flow, clinical care decisions, coordination and workflows suffer.

Fragmented data creates information gaps. Persistent gaps complicate care by contributing to overload, miscommunication, fatigue and care delays, as evidence by industry research.


Connected medical devices produce more data than ever. But all too often that data lacks context.

Connected patient monitoring devices play an important role in monitoring patients. The alarms generated are frequent and numerous. But not all alarms require clinical response and without context, clinical teams must respond to them all, which can contribute to alarm fatigue.


Effective care and coordination requires clear, timely and accessible information across care teams. But too often that information is delayed, incomplete or difficult to access, which can cause miscommunication and medical errors.  


Documentation is essential to effective care. But ever-expanding documentation requirements are an increasing burden on clinicians, and can reduce the time available for direct patient care. 

Sub-optimal information flows: their impact on care

No of patient data points per day

The number of data points a single ICU patient can generate in a day 1

medical errors due to miscommunication

The percentage of serious medical errors caused by miscommunication 3 

number of alarms recorded

The number of alarms recorded in 30 days at a leading US hospital 

The percentage of a clinical nurse’s day spent on documentation

The percentage of a clinical nurse’s day spent on documentation 4

Designed to harness the power of digital clinical information to meet the demands of patient centered care

Built around three core pillars – integration, orchestration and enablement – the Ascom Healthcare Platform provides an unmatched platform, where digital clinical information flows efficiently across systems, devices, care teams and points of care.


  • Unlocks fragmented/siloed data/ systems
  • Makes data/ information more accessible
  • Connects bedside devices and data to support clinical workflows 
  • Helps capture the voice of the patient


  • Acquires, filters, directs and confirms alert and task notification delivery and care teams acceptance
  • Delivers actionable clinical insight across points of care
  • Makes clinical information accessible in EMRs, care dashboards, applications, handsets and smart devices, to support informed care decisions


  • Makes patient needs visible and sharable
  • Streamlines multi-step, multi-location care activities
  • Connects care teams and communication for coordinated care

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