Ascom Unite Alarm Agent

When every second counts in dispatching medical response teams

Ascom Unite Alarm Agent is a software application providing a unified approach for managing medical response team communication and dispatching. When a hospital requires a rapid response to deal with an emergency, there is no time to waste — every second counts.

Emergency response in a hospital is a complex task, involving multiple team members acting under extreme time pressure. Unfortunately the risk of error is always present particularly if manual intervention is required to assemble rapid response teams. Improving response time and team coordination requires an automated approach. Unite Alarm Agent ensures a consistent approach for improving response time and tracking of events.

Learn how Unite Alarm Agent can improve your response team dispatching


Response team management made quick, flexible and reliable

The Ascom Unite Alarm Agent solution is built with advanced functionality including automated alert messaging, response tracking and pre-defined escalation chains. When an emergency occurs Unite Alarm Agent sends out alert messages to the relevant response team members, quickly mobilizing resources.


Fast facts

  • Intuitive interface for managing events centrally
  • Built-in team shortcut to speed up dispatching
  • Acceptance tracking including status display of all responses
  • Auto-escalation based on team member response or message time-out
  • Event Logging for future reference and auditing


  • Reduces risk of error in assembling teams
  • Directs resources to when and where needed efficiently
  • Help minimize adverse events by deploying resources more quickly
  • Free-up resources previously allocated to manual alerting routines
  • Provides reporting for auditing and performance review

Supporting documents

Five ways to maximize efficiency of rapid response teams

Five ways to maximize efficiency of rapid response teams

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