Passive Bus Concentrators

Passive Bus Concentrators (PBCs), used with Ascom Telligence Patient Response Systems, serve as the interface between the Gateway and passive modules. The concentrator distributes power and communication to its eight passive buses and their attached modules.

 Passive Bus Concentrators provide and regulate power, communicate data, and supervise the Ascom Telligence system. These devices help ensure that an Ascom Telligence nurse call solution keeps on working, even when there is a partial failure in the system. They also help maximize your investment in Ascom technology by supporting migrations from earlier Ascom nurse call systems. Their flexibility makes them suitable for all types and sizes of healthcare facilities. 


For new system scalability and cost-effective migration from legacy Ascom nurse call solutions


Fast facts

  • Sleek and compact design for easy mounting and connections
  • Supports up to eight rooms utilizing passive modules
  • Provides additional interoperability for connection of third party devices
  • Supports third-party devices such as hardened stations for mental health facilities
  • Ascom Telligence passive devices support traditional nurse call connectors, making migration easy by using existing cables and connectors


  • Decentralized architecture means no single point of failure. An outage will not propagate throughout the system.
  • Passive Bus Concentrators integrate with Ascom legacy teleCARE M peripheral devices for cost effective migration and upgrades.
  • Purpose-built for hospitals to meet the strictest international regulatory standards.. 

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Specific functions and features of the Ascom Telligence 5 system might require additional Ascom products or software to be installed. 
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