Ascom wins major frame agreement from UniHA in France for medical alarm management solution

UniHA, the leading cooperative purchasing network for French public hospitals, has selected Ascom as unique provider for its multisource medical alarm management systems. The project of around EUR 3 mio includes software, mobility solutions and services.

March 3, 2023

With more than 1000 public healthcare organizations as its members, UniHA is the leading association of medical care centers, hospitals and clinics in France. Seamless interoperability of information systems within the network is a key objective for UniHA and a prerequisite for a forward-looking digitalization of their organization. With the Ascom Healthcare Platform (AHP), including medical alarm and workflow orchestration and alert notification in the medical care process, Ascom was able to offer a compelling integrated solution and winning proposition.

The AHP offers a unique set of solutions for clinical communication and collaboration. It reduces operational complexity and simplifies information processes within different hospitals, clinics, and medical care centers. Smart Nurse Call and Medical Alerting, combined with innovative software, provide much needed relief for healthcare staff. Thanks to the flexibility of the solution, different work processes within UniHA members can be accommodated.

“As the quality of life at work is a constant concern for our member establishments, this partnership with Ascom offers hospital staff a turnkey solution to improve the working conditions of caregivers, while at the same time securing the health of patients”, says Walid Ben Brahim, General Manager of UniHA. “The Ascom Healthcare Platform responds to a need expressed by a group of hospital experts bringing together caregivers, biomedical engineers and IT specialists around a global objective: to digitize the global monitoring of patients in order to simplify it and improve its efficiency”.

Nicolas Vanden Abeele, CEO of Ascom, says: “This is a major flagship project for Ascom, and we are very proud to support UniHA in this modernization and digitalization initiative of its healthcare infrastructure. Our state-of-the-art solution will enable a better and more efficient care delivery, and we are looking forward to a very successful collaboration with UniHA”.

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