Ascom extends service contract with Dutch care home provider Coloriet

Ascom attained a multi-year service contract renewal in its Long-term Care business with the Dutch care home provider Coloriet. The service contract encompasses maintenance of Ascom solutions in several care home locations and amounts to a volume of approximately CHF 1.3 million.

June 23, 2022

The five year renewal of the service contract covers five locations of Coloriet which use Ascom’s modular teleCARE IP, smart sensoring and mobility solutions to ensure care staff gets provided with secure and supervised communications. teleCARE IP helps with wearables and wired components to enhance residents’ security and safety. It includes flexible customization of alerts, messaging, smart monitoring and wander management solutions.

Coloriet, a specialist in housing and care for seniors, operates five residential care centers and a treatment center in the Netherlands and is a long-term customer of Ascom with business relationships of more than 15 years. To provide the best care infrastructure, Coloriet aims to have state-of-the-art communications and collaborations solutions and, therefore, plans to migrate existing installations to current standards such as an upgrade of the smart devices from Myco 2 to Myco 3.

Harko Aris, Head of Automation at Coloriet, says: “Over the years, both Ascom's technology and service have proven to help us when it's needed. That is why we have confidently extended the cooperation for a period of five years.”

Olaf Hendriks, Managing Director of Ascom Netherlands, says: “We are looking forward to helping Coloriet provide the best care experience, also with regard to the planned migrations of systems. We have a strong and long-lasting business relationship, thus we are very pleased to add another chapter in this fruitful partnership.”

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