Ascom wins contract agreement from Niels-Stensen-Kliniken Group in Germany

The German healthcare group Niels-Stensen-Kliniken GmbH has commissioned Ascom, with the installation of the Ascom smart alarming system solution and
IP-DECT infrastructure. The project is worth more than 1 million Swiss francs, including services.

June 6, 2023

With more than 20 healthcare facilities and nearly 7,000 employees, Niels-Stensen-Kliniken GmbH is the largest healthcare
association in the Osnabrück and Emsland region. As the group embarks on the digitalization of its network, the seamless interoperability of its information systems has been a key objective within the group and a prerequisite for achieving its goals.
With Ascom’s workflow orchestration, alert notification, and IP DECT solution, Ascom is providing via its sales partner
COM plan + service GmbH, a state-of-the-art solution, meeting its current and future digitalization needs.

“The flexibility and ease of use of Ascom’s solution, in combination with the interoperability were decisive for the award of
the contract”, says Guido Dunkel, deputy Head of IT and Medical Technology at Niels-Stensen-Kliniken.

Nicolas Vanden Abeele, CEO of Ascom, says: “Digitization of the healthcare infrastructure makes it possible to ensure more
efficient and better patient care while optimizing overall costs. We are very pleased with this win and look forward to a
long-standing partnership with Niels-Stensen-Kliniken."

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