Holger Cordes appointed as new Ascom CEO

April 25, 2016

Holger Cordes, a manager with an excellent track record, outstanding knowledge of the healthcare ICT industry and broad international experience, has been appointed by the Board of Directors of Ascom Holding AG to be the new CEO of the Ascom Group. Fritz Mumenthaler is leaving Ascom after five successful years as CEO in order to pursue new professional challenges.

Ascom resolved in January 2015 to focus on healthcare ICT; the Board of Directors of Ascom Holding AG wants to rigorously implement this decision and significantly increase growth and profitability over the coming years. By appointing Holger Cordes, the company has succeeded in attracting an internationally successful manager with excellent market expertise in the areas of healthcare ICT and software that are important for Ascom. Holger Cordes has an excellent track record and the necessary experience to implement the "Ascom 2020" strategy efficiently. He will commence his duties presumably in the beginning of June 2016.

Holger Cordes (47) has worked for the Cerner Group (www.cerner.com), a leading provider of information technology in the field of healthcare with roughly 21,000 staff, since 2007. Holger Cordes is currently Chief Operations Officer Europe and Latin America, before which he was Head of Finance Cerner EMEA from 2007 to 2010 and General Manager Cerner Central Europe from 2010 to 2014. Holger Cordes is German and completed his studies in economics at the universities of Poitiers and Marburg.

"The swift implementation of the Ascom 2020 strategy with accelerated, profitable growth is a priority for the Board of Directors. The implementation of the Ascom 2020 strategy is challenging and requires a lot of work, but offers many opportunities to increase the shareholder value. The Board of Directors is therefore delighted at the appointment of Holger Cordes, a strong personality with a wealth of international experience, as Ascom's new CEO. He will inject significant momentum into implementing Ascom's growth and profitability objectives thanks to his many years of experience in numerous segments of the healthcare ICT sector, the current industry trends and the particularly dynamic development in the field. At the same time, the Board of Directors would like to thank departing CEO Fritz Mumenthaler for his many years of successful service for Ascom," emphasized Juhani Anttila, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Ascom Holding AG.

"Like no other, healthcare is a knowledge industry. Knowledge lives by communication. I am proud and excited therefore to get the opportunity to work with a proven leader of clinical communication to improve patient safety, workflow efficiency and outcome quality for more health," adds new Ascom CEO Holger Cordes.

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