Valentin Chapero proposed as an additional Board Member of Ascom Holding AG

February 29, 2016


The Board of Directors proposes Dr Valentin Chapero Rueda to be elected as an additional Member of the Board of Directors of Ascom Holding AG. As a former CEO of a publicly listed company and long-standing successful leader, Valentin Chapero has a solid track record in the implementation of growth strategies in IT, telecom and health industries.

The Board of Directors further proposes to the Annual General Meeting that the six current members of the Board, Juhani Anttila, Dr J.T. Bergqvist, Dr Harald Deutsch, Urs Leinhäuser, Christina Stercken and Andreas Umbach be re-elected for a further one-year term of office. Moreover, the Board of Directors proposes to the Annual General Meeting the re-election of Juhani Anttila as Chairman of the Board.

The Board of Directors will now consist of seven members. Thus, both the Audit Committee and the Compensation Committee will have three members in future.

The invitation to the Annual General Meeting of 13 April 2016 will be published on 11 March 2016.

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