Ascom announces the introduction of Ascom Telligence into Europe, Asia and Growth Markets

April 25, 2017

Ascom announces the plans to introduce its advanced Patient Response System, Ascom Telligence, in Europe, Asia, and Middle Eastern markets. Ascom Telligence is a substantial improvement for caregivers and supports more efficient, attentive patient care.

As part of the Ascom Healthcare Platform, Ascom Telligence represents a revolutionary way for nurses and caregivers to work, and communicate with their patients, which eliminates the inefficiencies of older nurse call systems. Built upon Ascom's deep expertise and clinical knowledge gained from over 100,000 healthcare installations globally, Ascom Telligence is designed to meet increasing nurse workloads and rising patient care complexity while contributing to saving caregivers significant time, eliminating steps in their daily activities and providing more efficient, attentive patient care.

The advanced Patient Response System enables:

  • Streamlined communication and collaboration, designed to simplify information distribution and reduce risk of errors.
  • Automated clinical protocols and workflows at the patient bedside, which leads to improved efficiency and more time with patients.
  • Empowering patients by bringing their voice to the care team, anywhere, to optimize response times and increase patient satisfaction.

"We're introducing Ascom Telligence, which has a history as a market leading brand in North America, into Europe, Asia and other growth markets to expand availability of the clinical workflow solutions that the healthcare industry is asking for," says Patrick Van Ryzin, Vice President, Ascom Patient Systems. "We've leveraged the strengths of a proven platform and enhanced them with revolutionary new elements designed specifically to meet the needs of hospitals around the world. By involving customers directly in the product development process Ascom is able to deliver products that provide real-world solutions to the most pressing problems in the healthcare industry.

Claes Ödman, Chief Operating Officer, adds: "Only Ascom can deliver a fully integrated, mission-critical communication platform, which leverages the strengths of our nurse call, software, and mobility solutions."

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