Erasmus MC buys Ascom Myco 2 smartphones and Ascom Unite software

April 20, 2017

Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the largest university medical center of the Netherlands, awarded Ascom with an order that includes 1,000 Ascom Myco 2 smartphones and the deployment of Ascom Unite.

Erasmus MC, the university medical center in Rotterdam, buys 1,000 Ascom Myco2 smartphones for medical care professionals. In addition to the Ascom Myco 2, Erasmus MC will also be using the Ascom Unite middleware platform for integrating applications. The technology will be used in the center's new hospital wards from May 2018. "This solution fits in with Erasmus MC's vision for the future, which provides for an increasingly greater emphasis on the application of technology, allowing us to provide our patients with the best care in a flexible, safe manner," says Simon Vermeer, Director of Information & Technology at Erasmus MC.

Erasmus MC is currently building a new, state-of-the-art hospital in the heart of Rotterdam. The focus is on patient safety and the creation of environment that stimulates recovery and ensures an agreeable stay. In addition to a new building, this involves the use of new technology and work processes. Ascom is contributing a smartphone specially developed for healthcare purposes to the transformation of the Erasmus MC. The smartphone allows carriers to receive intelligently routed medical and nursing care alerts. This means that Erasmus MC will have at its disposal a device that results in greater efficiency, benefiting the center, its staff and, above all, the patients.

Erasmus MC will begin using the Ascom Myco devices in 2018. The university medical center is also currently collaborating with Ascom on further developments for the subsequent period. Olaf Hendriks, Managing Director at Ascom Benelux says: "We are very proud of this significant order from Erasmus MC, a leading healthcare facility in the Netherlands with recognized international reputation. With more than 100,000 deployments of diverse healthcare applications worldwide, Ascom has the expertise to support the Erasmus Medical Center in the performance of their ambition."

The Ascom Myco 2 is part of Ascom's care platform, which consists of a comprehensive portfolio of intelligent workflow software solutions, systems and medical applications. Compared to its predecessor model, the features of the Ascom Myco 2 include integrated Near Field Communications (NFC) and infrared (IR) positioning. This makes it easy to add tags to data updates and allows for easy switching between specific devices and equipment. The Ascom Myco 2 is also capable of automatically establishing interactions between staff and patients.

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