Ascom's Healthcare Platform is a success at the Erasmus MC hospital in Rotterdam

August 14, 2018

Erasmus MC, one of the most modern hospitals in Europe, is using the Ascom Healthcare Platform as a communication solution. The versatile solution improves workflows for caregivers as well as patient satisfaction. The top management of Erasmus MC is delighted with the cutting-edge communication solution from Ascom.

The Ascom Healthcare Platform was introduced recently at Rotterdam's Erasmus MC hospital center, which opened its doors after being modernized and renovated. Ascom's mandate was to install its Medical Integrated Communications and Information System (MICIS), through which a wide range of existing networks are rerouted to integrate the entire hospital onto one communications platform.

Erasmus MC wanted to integrate several techniques into the area of patient monitoring and bring about better communication between patients, caregivers, and the outside world. This solution was developed in a strategic partnership with Ascom and its Ascom Healthcare Platform, which combines various information streams within the hospital into a single platform and connects with the Ascom Myco mobile smart device. Erasmus MC has a thousand of these smart devices distributed among the departments.

Simon Vermeer, CIO of Erasmus MC, says: "MICIS is an essential link in the renewal work and improvements being carried out for the new hospital accommodation at Erasmus MC. The objectives of this renovation were to improve comfort for the patient with an eye to quicker recovery, to enhance efficiency in an integrated care process, and to increase patient satisfaction. The MICIS project has made a visible and essential contribution to achieving these goals, which with Ascom as the lead contractor were realized within the allotted time. That is an incredible achievement with an innovative project like MICIS."

Communication within the hospital is centralized, which simplifies work. The medical alarms are linked to the corresponding caregivers to increase efficiency and safety. Patients wear wristbands that identify them to the platform. The platform records who from the relevant department is responsible for each patient at any given time, thus ensuring the correct caregiver is always notified. The system recognizes each patient through their wristband, which is linked to their respective medical information in the Electronic Patient Dossier.

David Voetelink, CFO of Erasmus MC, says: "The realization of the new state-of-the-art Erasmus MC is a team achievement of the highest order. The architects, contractors, sub-contractors and many staff members of Erasmus MC all played their part in this accomplishment. Ascom has delivered an outstanding achievement and made a great contribution to creating the hospital of the 21st century."

Olaf Hendriks, Managing Director of Ascom Benelux, underlines: "We took leadership of this huge project in a large hospital and put a whole new system in place. Both the caregivers and the patients see enormous benefits. Through this combination of solutions, stress is reduced and more hands are available for each bed. This level of care naturally produces higher patient satisfaction."

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