Ascom wins a substantial National project in Wales to develop a Critical Care Information System for all Wales hospitals

September 14, 2020


Based on a public procurement, Ascom and the governmental Welsh healthcare provider NHS Wales Informatics Service have signed a significant contract to deliver Ascom’s software solution Digistat for all 14 Welsh hospitals to develop a national Critical Care Information System. In addition, Ascom will deliver the managed service for a period of seven years. The initial contract volume amounts to around CHF 16.5 million (GBP 13.0 million) in total.

Ascom and NHS Wales Informatics Service (NWIS) have committed to a long-term partnership and joint development of the solution, which is based on Ascom’s software solution Digistat, for all 14 hospitals with 198 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds in total. The signed contract has a duration of seven years with the option to extend for a further three years. It includes the end-to-end implementation of Digistat through a managed service contract.

Digistat for ICUs is designed to automate the documentation of patient care across the hospital's complex intensive care units. Digistat can help clinicians and nurses to streamline care processes and improve efficiency. Clinicians can now have access to manually entered data and information acquired in near real-time from all connected medical devices and systems.

Jeannine Pilloud, Ascom CEO, says: “Winning this extraordinary contract for the Wales National Health Service hospitals is an accomplishment we are very proud of. Not just because of the size of the deal, the national impact on the Welsh healthcare infrastructure and the strong competition we’ve beaten in the process, but also because of the biggest ever roll out of our software solution Digistat. We are looking forward to having a strong long-term business relationship with NWIS.”

Vaughan Gething, Minister for Health and Social Services of the Welsh Government, says: “Our Welsh intensive care services deliver extraordinary services helping people when they are critically ill. The introduction of this innovative technology will enhance the care patients receive and allow doctors and nurses to spend as much time as possible caring for patients. The use of technology to deliver a sustainable NHS is a key part of A Healthier Wales, our long-term strategy for health and social care in Wales."


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