Ascom Annual General Meeting approved all proposals

April 21, 2021


The shareholders of Ascom Holding AG voted in favor of all proposals of the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting 2021.

22’697’004 votes or about 63% of the share capital were represented at the Annual General Meeting of Ascom Holding AG, which was held on 21 April 2021 in Baar without the physical attendance of the shareholders due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Annual General Meeting reelected Dr Valentin Chapero Rueda, Nicole Burth Tschudi, Laurent Dubois, Jürg Fedier, Michael Reitermann, and Dr Andreas Schönenberger as members of the Board of Directors for another term of office of one year with a large majority. Dr Valentin Chapero Rueda was also confirmed as Chairman of the Board with a large majority.

The shareholders approved all other proposals of the Board of Directors including the amounts for future compensation of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board.

The Remuneration Report was passed in a consultative vote with a narrow majority. The Board will take into consideration all comments received from shareholders in its future discussion about the compensation structure and its elements.

The Company looks back on a satisfactory first quarter 2021. However, the uncertainty around the Covid-19 situation remains, including a possible impact of component shortage in the entire industry. The global Ascom team is very focused on overcoming these challenges and to do its utmost to best service our customers.


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