Guard tours and staff attacks: the inconvenient truths

There’s a growing and worrying trend in the workplace. A recent study found that 23% of people have experienced some kind of workplace violence or harassment.

This is not just affecting the obvious workplaces, industries and people you might think of, like law enforcement, the prison service or security guards. It’s also the daily physical security threats in other facilities such as, airports, hospitals, retail stores and even schools.

Growing criminal activity and more staff attacks, sheds light on the urgent need to address workplace safety head-on.

To truly make a difference, we must seek professional support to stem the tide of these worrying statistics. Incidents of violence or harassment can be drastically reduced by guard tours. Having the right guards, at the right locations at the right times, providing the right response. But while there are more and more staff attacks, there are fewer and fewer guards to protect people and premises.

Technology integration is the answer
“We’re increasingly hearing from the industry about the difficulty in recruiting and retaining security staff across Europe”, said Lloyd Spindler, Global Segment Manager at Ascom. “Whilst we cannot solve that problem, we believe that technology can play an important role in addressing this shortage.”

Using the right technology can drastically improve potentially dangerous and confrontational environments. Ascom has been in the business of workplace safety and security for over 50 years. This experience has helped to develop solutions that empower staff to respond swiftly to incidents, creating a safer workplace for all. 

The comprehensive offering includes cutting-edge mobile devices equipped with panic buttons, real-time location technology, intuitive alarm dashboards, precise incident mapping, and efficient mobile response workflows. By adopting this holistic perspective, you can effectively mitigate risks, and establish a safer and more secure work environment for everyone.

A moral commitment to workplace safety
As Lloyd Spindler aptly puts it, "Workplace safety isn't just a legal responsibility; it's a moral commitment. This commitment extends not only to employees’ and visitors’ well-being, but also to safeguarding the reputation of any organization.”

“We believe that safety isn’t just a rule, it's a culture. Rather than merely reacting to issues as they arise, focus on the proactive alignment and enhancement of daily processes. Recognize the intricate web of connections among these processes and various facets of business activities.” 

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