Ascom Digistat Suite enables Dutch Slingeland Hospital to gain more patient insights

Dutch Slingeland Hospital has opted for the software solution Ascom Digistat Suite to monitor patient data in one central location. With first implementations beginning of this year Ascom Digistat Suite as part of the Ascom Healthcare Platform gets installed step by step throughout the hospital.

February 18, 2020

Slingeland Hospital takes part in the innovation project ‘Sensing Clinic’. An initiative which aims to improve healthcare with sensor technology to monitor vital functions such as blood pressure, heart rhythm, breathing, etc. Ascom Digistat Suite allows to centrally process data from all sensors and doing data analysis on one single platform.

The software solution of Ascom collects the patient’s vital functions from wearable sensors and generates automatic notifications. It works seamlessly with various sensors and tests the measured values against a number of hypotheses, making it possible to identify changes in the patient's condition at an early stage.

Slingeland Hospital aim is to shorten the duration of treatment and to reduce workload of caregivers. The goal of continuous monitoring of the patient is helping diminish health complications so that healthcare providers can spend less time on administrative tasks and offer better patient care.

Malou Peppelman, Innovation Program Manager at Slingeland Hospital, says: “Thanks to the collaboration with Ascom, we can raise the ‘Sensing Clinic’ project to a higher level. The clear presentation of all patient data for our doctors and nurses was a crucial step in integrating sensor technology into our method of working."

Olaf Hendriks, Managing Director Netherlands, adds: “The deployment of Ascom Digistat Suite to the Slingeland Hospital makes us very proud. This project is further proof that our solutions can meet the high demands of a modern hospital of the 21st century and that Ascom is the partner of choice for communications software solutions in healthcare.”

For more information on Ascom Digistat Suite visit the website here.

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