Ascom helps University Hospital in Tromsø to improve care efficiency

The University Hospital Northern Norway in Tromsø made its patient care more efficient and enhanced its patient monitoring with an innovative healthcare technology from Ascom. The care staff is thoroughly statisfied with how the solutions and support of Ascom impact their meaningful day-to-day work.

April 20, 2021

Ascom has provided a wide range of solutions over the past years to support more efficient care process in Northern Norway’s largest hospital. The hospital, which has approximately 4,500 employees, has enabled its mobile workforce with an Ascom solution that integrates its nurse call system, teleCARE, with mobile phones (Ascom d63 and d81), pagers, with Ascom’s messaging suite, Unite, and software solutions for alarm management and for workflows in wards.

Ward nurse Evelinn Elvagjengn says: “Before we got the Ascom system, we had up to 400 alarm notifications every day and all the nurses on the ward were notified each time an alarm went off. Now we primarily get alarms related to our area of responsibility. And if, contrary to expectation, a nurse does not have the time or chance to follow it up, the alarm notification goes to the next person.”

In addition to a better work environment, the Ascom solution has streamlined tasks for the employees on the ward. Each nurse receives messages directly to their mobile device, without the information having to pass through several others. This frees up more time for individual monitoring of patients.

Senior engineer Gisle Løkken Hansen has operational responsibility for all alarm notifaction systems in the hospital. He not only praises Ascom for the healthcare technology that he says helps save lives, but also for its support: “Ascom has a large team that takes support inquiries at any time of day, every day of the year. The support we receive is invaluable. It provides security, and that’s the way it should be when it comes to something as precious as human lives.”

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