Technology that takes care of technology.
Technology that takes care of technology.

Ascom technical alarm solutions for psychiatric facilities 

Psychiatric care often involves specialist and expensive equipment. Maintaining the physical integrity of a psychiatric unit is also essential for staff, patient and public safety. That’s why Ascom solutions offer a full range of technical alarms, systems that connect processes, equipment, buildings and people. Failures and actionable deviations trigger automated alerts that go directly to assigned technicians. Unanswered alerts are escalated to selected colleagues.

Technical failures in psychiatric care facilities can quickly escalate to endanger staff and patients. But with a technical alarm solution from Ascom, technical alarms go from the source of the problem directly to technicians’ handsets. The outcome? Quick resolution of technical issues—and a safer environment for everyone.




Solution Products



Solution Products


  • Technical alarms for psychiatric facilities
    —fix an issue before it becomes a problem

    An Ascom technical alarm solution enables quick, targeted responses to alerts from indoor climate systems, elevators, doors, windows, lighting and other technical installations. The engineer gets the alarm directly to his or her mobile device, can check the status from anywhere in the facility and reach colleagues with voice and text messages when necessary. He or she can also control devices from their handset—for example, stop a fan or restart a pump. Unacknowledged alarms are automatically forwarded along a pre-agreed chain to other colleagues’ handsets. Moreover, all alerts and responses are automatically logged. This archived data can be analyzed to see performance trends, and to pinpoint weaknesses in a facility’s infrastructure.


    Fast facts

    • Ascom Unite software connects mobile devices with a practically unlimited range of processes, alarms and technical systems

    • Data and alerts can be distributed in pre-defined escalation chains, helping to guarantee timely and appropriate responses

    • Ascom is committed to ‘open architecture’. Our solutions are vendor- and technology-neutral, meaning we can probably re-use your existing infrastructures and legacy systems


  • Solution architecture

    Ascom solution architecture phsyciatric facilities personal alarms

    Architecture description

    No two Ascom technical alarm solutions are the same. Each one is tailored to specific needs and conditions. Typically, however, a solution involves Ascom hardware (base stations, servers, etc.) working together with Ascom handsets (DECT, IP-DECT, VoWi-Fi, cellular) via software such as Ascom Unite. As Ascom solutions are based on open architecture, there’s a good chance we can re-use your existing wiring and telephony infrastructure.

    Solution products

    The products shown below are only a part of Ascom’s total hardware and software offering. To see the complete product portfolio, click on ‘Products’ in the main menu. Contact your nearest Ascom office or representative to learn more about specific Ascom solutions, products and services. 

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  • Secure communication in highly complex environments

    Secure communication in highly complex environments

    Psychiatric clinics belong to the most demanding environment in matters of personal protection. Creating an alarm and communication system in such an environment, which completely, autonomously and reliably facilitates alarm transmission with localization of the transmitter, as well as interactive voice and text communication, is really a masterpiece. Learn how Basel's Psychiatric University Clinics (PUC) improved safety.