Ascom Retail solutions 

Retail outlets are fast-moving, constantly evolving businesses. They require equally agile and scalable communication and wireless workflow solutions to remain competitive--solutions such as Ascom inventory management, product withdrawal requests, point-of-sales and click-and-collect systems. Ascom also has in-depth experience devising personal and workplace safety alarm solutions for just about every imaginable type of outlet. Contact your nearest Ascom office or representative to learn more. 


Ascom communication and workflow solutions for supermarkets range from basic cashier assistance requests to advanced integrated systems with click-and-collect, product withdrawal requests, inventory control and personal safety functionalities. Solutions can also integrate with exisiting fire and theft alarms, recycling machines, and fridge / freezer alarms. And since Ascom solutions are based on open architecture, they are easily customizable and scalable.

The Ascom Enterprise Platform

The Ascom Enterprise Platform is a uniquely complete communications and workflow portfolio for industry, retail, hospitality and secure establishments. Used and trusted by companies worldwide, the Ascom Enterprise Platform integrates with virtually any telephony, alarm, IT and process management system. The platform includes enterprise-grade hardware, software, mobile devices (including ATEX-certified phones), and tailored after-sales support and service.