One-stop solutions for department stores.
One-stop solutions for department stores.

Ascom solutions for department stores—everything you want under one roof

Staff security. Theft and shoplifting prevention. Stocktaking. Refrigeration control. Cleaning and recycling operations. Stock delivery. Fitting room assistance. EPOS integration. Barcode scanning. Fire alarms and Building Management Systems. Customer paging. Department stores place lots of demands on their wireless communications systems. Which is why so many turn to Ascom’s technology-independent, customized solutions—systems that are open, scalable and compatible with virtually every IP-PBX and legacy system. Ascom. The one-shop stop for wireless communications solutions.




  • Click-and-collect for department stores  >

    Click-and-collect for department stores >

    Click-and-collect is a big hit with shoppers. But how can retailers deliver in-store experiences that match online expectations? One way is by mobilizing staff and information. Ascom retail solutions, for example, make sure voice and text messages get through to store staff—wherever they are. Such mobility holds down overheads, while helping to ensure fast turnaround times and smooth shopping experiences. Ascom: the click-and-collect solutions experts.
  • Product Withdrawal Request solutions >

    Product Withdrawal Request solutions >

    Removals and recalls are a fact of retail life. But with the right communications solution, it’s possible to minimize their impact—while still acting promptly to ensure customer and staff safety. The key lies in getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Which is why we developed Ascom NetPage. It’s a function within our Ascom Unite software that lets one person at one web browser send text messages to any defined wireless device in the Unite system.
  • Personnel alarm solutions for department stores >

    Personnel alarm solutions for department stores >

    Customer satisfaction requires mobile personnel; staff who can quickly attend to customer demands and events throughout a store. But mobility can leave staff vulnerable, especially when working alone at large retail units or malls and parks. Which is why so many retailers worldwide entrust Ascom to devise their personnel safety and alarm solutions.
  • Technical alarm solutions for department stores >

    Technical alarm solutions for department stores >

    Store workers unprepared for deliveries… warehouses not responding to delivery notifications… deliveries not synced with customer demand… excessive energy consumption… malfunctioning refrigerators going unnoticed. An integrated communications solution from Ascom can help you overcome all these challenges—directing and escalating alerts and messages to and between staff, buildings and equipment. Ascom: the proven supplier of technical alarm solutions for the Retail industry.