Ascom solutions—protecting staff, stock, stores and more.
Ascom solutions—protecting staff, stock, stores and more.

Higher revenue for high street retailers

High street retail units come in an almost infinite variety of shapes, sizes and locations. But virtually all can reap the benefits of an Ascom communications solution: quicker turnaround, higher conversion rates, improved staff safety and morale, more efficient stocktaking, inventory control and goods handling. And since Ascom solutions are based on open architecture, they integrate with existing EPOS networks and other third-party retail applications and systems—and can grow and change to meet future needs. Ascom: bringing higher revenue to the high street. 




  • Ascom personnel alarms for retail >

    Ascom personnel alarms for retail >

    Shoppers love the easy accessibility and personal service offered by high street stores. These same qualities, however, can also leave staff vulnerable to abuse, theft, and even physical assault. But there is a proven way to maximize staff safety—without compromising efficiency or the shopping experience. With an Ascom personal alarm solution, staff are only a discreet button push away from help.
  • Ascom click-and-collect solutions >

    Ascom click-and-collect solutions >

    With an Ascom communications solution you can harness existing infrastructure and systems to offer click-and-collect services (also known as BOPUS, Buy Online Purchase at Store). The key to success, however, is fast turnaround. By intelligently managing messages and data to mobile staff, an Ascom solution can help expedite merchandise pick-ups.
  • Ascom mobile solutions for retail >

    Ascom mobile solutions for retail >

    Why should shoppers stand in slow-moving lines, when today’s wireless technology has made POS stations fully mobile? Why should checkout queues slow turnaround times and deter potential customers, when mobile staff with handheld barcode scanners can instead go to shoppers and speed up the checkout process?
  • Ascom inventory control solutions >

    Ascom inventory control solutions >

    In a perfect world you always know when a delivery vehicle is due. You and your colleagues always have a real-time overview of inventory—what’s out of stock, as well as what’s out of stock but available in store rooms, warehouses or other stores. You can track and locate merchandise, and check prices. And you can do all this from one handset that also handles calls, messages and alarms. The good news is that it’s possible with an Ascom communications solution.