Call for backup. Even in the toughest circumstances.
Call for backup. Even in the toughest circumstances.

Police stations—solutions that serve and protect

Help maximize safety for your personnel and the public. Ensure officers and support personnel have constant, dependable links with on- and off-site backup. Reassure staff by deploying rugged handsets—mobile devices built specially for unforgiving workplaces. Help streamline workflows with filtered alerts and messages that are escalated along pre-assigned chains. Gain a solution that’s customized for a specific station, but that’s flexible and open enough to grow and adapt. Ascom wireless communication for police stations—looking after those who look after us. 


  • Ascom personnel alarm solutions >

    Ascom personnel alarm solutions >

    Knowing the point of origin of a personnel alarm can give responders critical extra seconds and minutes. We use the latest advances in handset, base station and low frequency beacon technology to provide accurate handset locations. Ascom solutions for police stations: so you know when and where to act.
  • Ascom technical alarms for police stations >

    Ascom technical alarms for police stations >

    Technical and equipment faults in police stations demand swift responses. Which is one reason why Ascom solutions are so rugged and dependable. And so widely used in the most secure, most challenging environments. Ascom: proven communications for police facilities.