The future is open

More time for every patient

The digital revolution will no doubt continue to transform Healthcare and hospitals worldwide. But you are not alone. We at Ascom can help you navigate this dynamic future, with solutions that grow with you—and at your pace and on your terms.

Ascom Telligence is engineered for easy migration. It is backwards compatible with the Ascom systems you already have. And maybe even with cable architecture from other vendors. Such smooth migration makes it easy to expand your capabilities over time.

The new generation of the Ascom Telligence Patient Response System is quite possibly the most advanced, most comprehensive solution of its kind available today. It is innovative technology harnessed to deliver three compelling benefits

  • Gives a voice to patients 
  • Streamlines staff communication and collaboration 
  • Enables clinical workflows at the bedside

Integrated Workflow In Ascom Telligence—the Ascom way to sustainable Healthcare

How can mobile communications help make sustainable Healthcare a reality? Answering this question has led us to develop ‘Integrated Workflow In Ascom Telligence’. It’s an approach that’s unique to Ascom—and that builds on expertise gained from providing nurse call and alarm notification solutions to thousands of hospitals worldwide.

Put simply, Integrated Workflow In Ascom Telligence refers to the totality of clinical and commercial benefits delivered by our solutions in Healthcare. These solutions focus on six core areas of concern for hospitals and care systems facing profound demographic and fiscal challenges—areas where Ascom solutions can have fast, measurable impacts:

  • Intelligent Alert Handling 
  • Staff Communication and Collaboration 
  • Point-of-Care Support 
  • Continuity of Care 
  • Patient Empowerment 
  • Workflow Analysis

Because we have such a broad spectrum of products, systems and services, we can devise solutions for each of the above areas. Most importantly, we are experts at merging them into forward-looking answers. So when the time comes to evolve, say, your nurse call system, your mobility solution won’t be left behind.

Integrated Workflow In Ascom Telligence: only from Ascom, for hospitals everywhere.

Specific functions and features of the Ascom Telligence 5 system might require additional Ascom products or software to be installed. 
The information herein describes product models, versions and features that are not available in the United States. Ascom makes no guarantee that they will be made available in the United States. For currently available models, versions and features in the United States, please contact an Ascom North America sales representative or distribution partner.